Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kilia 4-19

On April 19th, the volunteers of Nasledie met with children from Kilia orphanage. The football team was  especially excited to see their new shoes and uniforms. They asked to tell thank you to everyone  who made this nice and important gift.  And while our sportsmen had their training, the volunteers with the rest of the kids discussed the meaning of the Easter. It was nice to see them participating and expressing their opinions about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Together with children we tried to imagine what the women felt  when they have found empty tomb and how great it is to have opportunity to communicate with Him through Holy Spirit. After that Lena, Maya, Nastya and Serezha have split to talk with each child privately and find out how they are doing. Ask them about how are they getting along with their  friends and neighbors. The thing that has inspired us the most was the fact that many of the children received answers on their prayers.  We want to thank everyone who gives into this ministry, this time it allowed us to buy some necessary toiletries for the children. And we know it’s not easy to provide for 140 children. Thank you very much for all that you do and please continue to pray for those children and teams that visit.