Wednesday, April 1, 2015


And again we have an opportunity to share our news on how God allows us to work in the Balta orphanage. Praise God!
Last time we had wonderful time of fellowship. We are excited that a from Odessa joined us and served with us. The purpose of our event was to teach them about what true friendship and genuine relationships. This topic is very relevant because majority of the kids in the orphanages don’t have strong friendships and relationships.
Also, we learned new songs with movements, which children absolutely love. They kept on asking to sing with them one song again and again because they really liked it. Some of the songs they have learned by heart and sing them all the time.
Then we showed them two skits about how to keep good relationships with friends and make them last long and that only God can help in this. The children were watching with great interest and even teachers and supervisors enjoyed the skits. We shared with the children a message on friendship and what the Bible says about this.
After that, we split children by their age and had time of discussion.  Almost every child has opened up and shared the worries and thoughts. We were really surprise that they have become so open. Praise God!
It’s exciting for us to be a part of the ministry that can influence the lives of the children. We thank you for your support and your prayers. You are also influencing the lives of children.