Sunday, March 8, 2015

Zhovten 3-8

On March 8th a team of 18 people went to Zhovten. Due to the flu epidemic, volunteers did not get to see the children for the whole month. The children really missed us and we missed them. Upon arrival we found out that many children were still sick.
The topic was “My environment” and  the influence it has on a person. The main verse was “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm." We wanted to show children that there are different kinds of influences positive and negative.

When teaching lessons these volunteers try to make it visual by performing experiments, using games, and other tools of education. Also, we made crafts with them for International Women’s Day. The older children cooked apple pies and then they played the games. During the game time, each team had a captain (the oldest child) who took care of their team, it was nice to see them take responsibility for others. At the end of the games, each team received a box of cookies and a bottle of lemonade. We also made cotton candy.
We were not short on treats as the older kids had made enough pies to feed all children from the orphanage, too!

We had prepared gifts for the children that included soap, Christian children’s magazine, and a beautiful calendar with the verses from the Bible.
We did not want to forget those who were ill, so we passed to them the gifts and apple pies.
This month we were able to donate to the orphanage's library children’s Bibles and bible study materials.

We thank God for all of your help and prayer support for the Zhovten team.