Friday, March 27, 2015

Zhovten 3-27

March 27th through 29th 10 students from Zhovten orphanage spent time with volunteers from Uzhnii. The children together with volunteers visited cinema, attended Sunday service and the event for the widows organized by the youth of Bethel church. Volunteers thanked widows for the prayers about the team, children and ministry. The widows have the pictures of the children from the orphanages and continually pray for them.  The main purpose of such trip is to show the kids from the orphanage what is Christian family is like on the inside.  On March 29th we brought children back and had a lesson with them about how music can influence them and also we had some competitions, played games.
The points they earned during the game they could exchange for toys, toiletries, school supplies or other things that were brought for the fair. And also every child received a bag of apples.
Thanks to the Charity Foundation “The way home” we could bring some vegetables for the orphanage.
Our team want to thank you for all of your help and all of your prayer.