Monday, March 23, 2015

Kilia 3-22

The team traveled again to Kilia this past Sunday. Both children and volunteers were waiting to see each other. It was an opportunity for the children and volunteers to talk, share the news, and to spend a great time together. Volunteers, (Dima, Lena, Serozha, and Maya) prepared several topics to talk about.

Dima shared with the children about the Ten Commandments and they understood that they are God's rules for us to help protect us.

Maya shared how Jesus changed Zacchaeus's life and Serozha shared about his life also. We were grateful for the opportunities to pray with the children and to encourage them in praying for their families.

Lena took time to share her testimony and how God has changed her life. She was able to show some pictures of herself as a teenager and to share the blessings that God has given her now. Lena tried to express through her story that God has a plan for each child. It is important for them to accept Christ and to forgive others that have hurt them in their past. It was good to see the children continue in their understanding of who God is and to know that they are loved by Him because they are unique, kind, and smart all in their own way.

We finished the day with free time some children watched TV, some talked with volunteers, and others played games. We were thankful to have accomplished so much in one day! We know the children can never have too much attention or too much together time! Thank you for your constant support of our work.