Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Camp in Kilia

On January 8th, sixteen people loaded into the bus and headed to Kilia. They arrived almost 4 hours later. They spent the night in the orphanage and awoke the next day ready to minister to the kids. They had worked hard for many weeks planning and organizing a fun program for the kids. There were Bible lessons, sports games, crafts, contests, and talent shows. Everyone had a great time and it was very hard to part. The best part about the team staying with the kids is that it allowed for a lot of open conversation. The team was able to build relationships with the kids quickly and had many opportunities to love and care for them during the three day camp.

Masha gives Bible lessons using the poster board evangelism method.

Masha shows the kids some fun magic tricks!

Indoor Games, talks, skits, and activities.

Crafts and Sports


The last day is always the best and the hardest. It's the best because we have invested a lot of time in building relationships. The kids are the most open with us on this day. However, it's hard to say good bye. Thank you for your prayers for our winter camp and for the children in Kilia.