Monday, October 6, 2014

Zhovten 10-5

On October 5th, the team from Yuzhniy headed to Zhovten with 18 volunteers. This team loves these kids! They work hard every month to prepare fun activities and meaningful lessons. They visit them twice a month and share God's love. The kids run to the van and greet each volunteer with excitement. It must be a great feeling for these children to see people that care for them deeply.

Yesterday the lesson was about the differences between fantasy and dream. God wants us to have dreams and He desires to bring our dreams in to reality. They played lots of relay games and there was also the long awaited fair. The kids love the fair because it gives them the opportunity to get some new much needed items or a new toy.

There was also a short meeting with the administration about the possibility of hosting many of the children in the homes of the volunteers during the fall break. They loosely agreed to it and we pray that the door will be opened.

On the way to the van, one volunteer mentioned the hosting opportunity to one of the children and he responded, "This is my dream! Maybe it will come true!" Please pray with us in this.

Please also pray as the members of this team seek to connect their church more closely with these children. They will be making prayer cards for each child to distribute to church members. This is a big step. It is the goal of Nasledie to connect Ukrainian Churches and Christian families with orphans in our region.