Sunday, October 19, 2014

Zhovten 10-18

The team leader says, "We were there for three hours and in this time we weren't able to accomplish everything! It flew by like it was just seconds. The time was too short!"

The team had a great day making tasty treats with the kids, having relay games, and small groups with videos, singing, and crafts.

This team is one great group of volunteers. They visit the children twice a month and always come up with fun things for the kids to do. Please pray that God blesses them for serving Him and His children.

Please pray for this team and for their desire to bring many of the children to their homes for the fall break. This is a mini hosting trip for the kids and we are in the process of completing the paperwork. Not all the children are the best behaved, but they know God will give them the strength to show grace and love to these kids.