Monday, October 13, 2014

Share the Warmth!

This is the flyer that was distributed asking people to Share the Warmth by giving warm clothing for refugees and orphans.

On Saturday, our teams gathered in two different places to distribute flyers and to collect warm clothing for refugees and orphans. In Odessa, we held a selfie scavenger hunt! The teams used clues to find certain places and then took a selfie and sent it into the judge. While they were searching for the answers to the clues, they passed out 1000 flyers and posters letting people know that we were gathering used and new warm clothing. It was a fun day for them.

In a nearby city, another team gathered and sent up a tent where people could drop off their donations. They also passed out flyers and many people brought warm clothing. We are encouraged that people have a desire to help those that are in need.