Friday, October 31, 2014

National Day of Prayer for Orphans in America

The National Day of Prayer for Orphans in America is this Sunday, November 2. Please join us in praying for orphans all over the world, in Ukraine, and in the Odessa region where we work.

The following video pertains to the orphan situation in the Odessa region.

As we noted on the blog, earlier in October we visited many different orphanages and specifically asked the children about their goals and dreams. We didn't prompt them in anyway because we truly wanted to hear what was on their hearts. Katya freely shared her heart about wanting a family. The video is in Russian, but we have given the translation below.

Yes, I have a dream. I dream about a family. I see a good family...caring. I would help them wash the dishes, cook food, clean up, and watch after my brothers. I need for my brothers to grow up in a good way. When I grow up, I want to be the president. I would create a law that parents should have to look after their children and that all would be good. They would have to devote their time to them. To be alone is scary. I really want to ask, if there is a possibility, that someone would take us three. I believe that this will happen.