Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Balta September Update

The small, but mighty team continues to visit the children at the Balta orphanage. This month there were 58 children added to the orphanage from the Eastern part of Ukraine. Many of these children worry about peace in our country. The share their concerns with us and also with the other children that were already in the Balta orphanage. We know that the best way to help them is to teach them to pray and to pray with them for peace.

The theme of our meeting was prayer. We played some fun games, at tasty treats, and had a time of fellowship with the children. One activity was building a set that resembled prayer. We took pictures and had a judging. The best pictures that showed prayer won prizes of stuffed animals and Bible story books.

The kids had a lot of fun and we are blessed to be part of their lives.

Many believers are praying in our country for peace and we ask that you join us in that.

Dima and Anya thank you for your constant prayers and support without this, the work would be increasingly difficult.