Thursday, July 31, 2014

Balta July Update

Most of July the children spent time in Camp LELA and other governmental resting places. However, we were able to visit with them a few different times. Sometimes only a few of the children were available, but we were happy for this. It makes it nice to sit and talk with just a few children at once. The guys like to share jokes and the girls share their "girl stuff." :)

One day they gave us a little tour around the orphanage and we were happy to see a few interesting things. There were several pavilions, a large chessboard where the children are the pieces, there was a mini golf course, flower gardens, and a greenhouse. The kids enjoyed getting their pictures taken.

We took some time to talk about the future and what lies ahead. Many of the graduates will be leaving the orphanage in another month or so. We didn't want to miss the opportunity to talk with them once more about the importance of making good decisions. We encouraged them to find a church and some good people to surround themselves with. Several attend the church now and we see their hearts continue to open.

Please pray for our team and for the children in Balta.