Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Balta Graduation and Guitar Lessons

This past Sunday the Balta orphanage had a special ceremony to honor the 25 children that were graduating. We were happy to be part of this event to celebrate with the students. The children were really dressed up and the girls were so beautiful we had to take a few photos of them.

The solemn graduation service was not without a few tears as thoughts were focused on the ending of one chapter and the beginning of a new. Although there is a lot of hope in these children as they look forward to an independent life. We hope and pray that the relationship we have established with them will be long lasting. We pray that the Gospel will penetrate their hearts and that they will give their lives to Him.
We were able to present the graduates with photo books with photos from their time in the Balta orphanage. Thank you for your support to help pay for these books.
We are excited that God provided the funds for a guitar. We have looked for some time, but finally one was found that was a very good deal. We have several children that have asked to take lessons. So we are thankful to start teaching them. One boy, Ilia, has been coming to church for several weeks now. He says that he believes in God and is reading the Bible. At the services, he sings and listens to the sermons. We were happy to start the lessons with him first because of his desire to learn and his involvement in our ministry.
He is a very good student and grasps music literacy quite quickly. Anya was able to spend quite a bit of time with him for the lessons. We also gave him a bracelet and shared the Gospel with him once again. We were able to give him a new Bible, as he mentioned that many children laugh at him for reading the one he had and they tore pages from it.
Please pray for the graduates of this orphanage and that they would make good choices. Pray also for the boys that have been coming to our church and that they will be encouraged.