Monday, April 28, 2014

Pishana 4-26

The team took the 4 hour journey to Pishana on Saturday. They were unable to go in the month of March, so the children were extra excited to see us. The team was also very happy to be reunited with they children they dearly love.

We started the day off by showing a slide show of pictures from the last few visits. The children love seeing pictures of themselves.

Next we showed the Easter episode from the Superbook cartoon series. We cannot express how great this episode is for children. The realistic picture of the Bible story presented through a cartoon that is captivating for children is just great! All children pay close attention and enjoy this cartoon.

After the video, there was a small discussion and a few questions for the children.

We then had small groups and spent time building relationships, making crafts, and celebrating Birthdays.


Then for the best part of the day! We can now play OUTSIDE!!! Woo hoo! It as been a long, cold winter inside and the kids and the team are all ready for outdoor activities.
The older boys love playing soccer and the younger children enjoy a variety of different ball games, Frisbee, cup tower building, and bracelet making.

It was very hard to leave the children, not only because we love them, but because they are hanging on the van as we drive away. The team is planning their next trip to Pishana in just a few weeks and the children are eagerly awaiting their return.

Praise God for the opportunity to be a blessing to His children.