Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Sunday in Zhovten 4-20

The team from Yuzhiny headed out again to visit the children in Zhovten. We thank God for this team that is so dedicated to caring for these children. They are blessed and so are the children by the relationships that they have with one another.

It is a pity that over 1/3 of the children are left in the orphanage on this Easter weekend. Many of the children have a living relative and it is sad that those relatives don't take the time to celebrate with them. However, we know that they have a Heavenly Father that loves them and cherishes them. So much so that it laid it on the hearts of the team to visit the children on this Holiday.

We first watch an Easter film from the Superbook series. This film is geared towards children and they enjoyed it. We had a contest of asking questions after the film to see who had been listening and watching and learning something from the film. The Pastor from Yuzhiny was able to come and he shared a short Easter sermon and we sang some songs.

As usual, there were sports games and relays. The kids love to participate in these activities and can earn fake money in order to purchase items from our store. Kids also earned this money by sharing Easter poems that they had learned.

The best part for the kids was at the end when they took turns jumping on the trampoline and eating cotton candy!

We were also able to bring much needed supplies to the orphanage that director had requested. We gave detergent for washing clothes and also for washing dishes. There was also a donation of ribbons and flowers to award to the children for participating in certain activities.

The team consisted of many different people. This time there were several people that had not come before and are considering the opportunity to come again. The team works well together and they are thankful for the opportunity to serve these children. Thank you to many of you who pray for this team and sponsor them to be able to visit these children. We think of you and pray for you and thank God for your partnership in ministry. The day was summed up best by Pastor Sergei when he said, "This day....I have lived right." Praise God for the opportunity to serve His children.