Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Break visit to Zhovten Orphanage

This week was spring break and many of the children left the Zhovten orphanage to spend time with a relative. However, there were about 30 children left and the team went to spend time with these children and encourage them.

In the morning, they watched an episode from the Christian cartoon series called, The Story Keepers. After watching the cartoon, there was a time of discussion. The children answered quickly in order to win a special prize.

After lunch, the children were divided into three teams. We had a fun afternoon doing a variety of activities. First, the children had to come up with a motto, logo, and name for their team. Second, the had to draw out on a piece of paper what happiness was to them. They did these creative tasks with enthusiasm. It was also interesting to see what they drew. They drew things that showed the values we have been teaching them like peace, family, and friendship. The last part of the day was participating in sporting activities in their teams. The games were mostly fun relay races that had nothing to do with a skill, speed, or agility. This gives everyone the opportunity to win while encouraging the children to play together and to play with integrity. At the end, of course, there was plenty of candy and prizes for everyone. The children were quite satisfied with this fun day during their boring spring break at the orphanage.

We also spent time with the children that were sick and in the infirmary and gave them a few special gifts. We wouldn't want them to be forgotten just because they were not feeling so well!

This team loves this kids and it shows. God blesses each volunteer and each child with a special relationship.