Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break for boy from Zhovten orphanage

This past week has been spring break for most of the children. Several volunteers from Yuzhniy decided to take one of the boys from the Zhovten orphanage for a few days of fun. They also invited his sisters that study in different areas. They all live over 200 kilometers apart, so it was a special treat that they could come together and have a nice time with the volunteers. They celebrated his Birthday by having a feast, playing at an indoor playground, and enjoying some sweet treats.

On Sunday, the Pastor offered to pray for this boy and he gladly accepted. He prayed that the boy would make good choices and not follow the path of his parents.

Please pray for this boy as he is also visiting a speech therapist this week to help him with his speech because he has difficulty pronouncing many letters.

Praise God for the kind hearted volunteers in Yuzhniy!