Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nickolaevka March 1st

In January, we visited the children in the Nickolaevka orphanage and presented the Christmas program and also distributed gifts. Several of the team members connected with the children and had the desire to visit them more regularly. They went in February and now again in March. Now the children greet the team warmly and remember them from the previous visits. It was a full day working with 70 kids ages 7 -16. The team had a prepared a busy schedule with singing, play groups, crafts, sports races, and Bible time.

The goal is to establish personal relationships with the kids, learn their names, about their lives, their dreams, and their feelings. Many of the children were very receptive and open their hearts. Most children don't have someone that they can carry these types of conversations with regularly.
As the team left, many children followed the van saying thank you and giving tearful goodbye.

Please pray for these dear children.