Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Praise God!

For many years, we have prayed about our transportation situation. We had a personal car that we could use for ministry, but it wasn't exactly what was needed. A team of volunteers couldn't go to the orphanage in a small car with supplies. A few times we crammed in 6 or more people and the stuff and made the trip. We have rented vans or borrowed vans, but those situations were at times costly for renting and repairs. Last fall, our ministry partner asked people to consider donating funds for a van. A few of us (mostly Slavik) had faith, a few of us (mostly Laura) doubted, people gave, and God did a huge thing!

Look at what God gave to us for ministering to His children! We are so blessed and will never forget this blessing.

We will use this van for visiting children with our teams in the orphanage, gathering supplies, hauling things for camp, and for getting our team together for meetings and trainings.

Praise God with us!