Friday, January 24, 2014

Another outpouring of Christmas Presents

Honestly, the best part of the present collection project was giving them out! We know that all of you would love to join us for that part! Make plans to join us next year! ;)

We handed out some of the last presents in the Karolina Bugaz orphanage. We are grateful that the new director shows some support for our work and for our love for these children that we met through Camp Lela last summer.

The birth of Christ is not just a holiday and not just an opportunity to distribute gifts. It is an opportunity to share about the Good News of His birth and how He loves us, which is why the Son of God came. We had a great day sharing this with the children and the orphanage staff and they listened intently.

The program was a little different than our Marathon Christmas visits program. However, there were still games and competitions, presents, oranges for everyone, and crafts.