Monday, January 13, 2014

Marathon! January 8th - January 12th

We had our 2nd Marathon last week. We gathered a team of 17 people and headed out of Odessa on the 8th. We decided that it was better for the team to stay several hours away at a church, so there was less travel everyday. We praise God for the leaders and team that was willing to spend these days sleeping on the floor on mats and in sleeping bags to serve the Lord.

Four days in a row they traveled to a different orphanage to have a program with the kids and to hand out presents and watches. First was Pishana, then Balta, then Borhsi, and then Andreevo Ivanovko. All of the kids were on holiday break and were so excited to have visitors that came to shower them with love and care.

The day started with a large group that included group games and singing. Then we split into small groups and made cookies and crafts. When we all joined back together we shared  a little about the Christmas story and had an interesting skit.

The last part, which was the best for everyone, was the presents! Praise God for all those presents that were collected and for the friends in the US that sent watches for the kids.