Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pishana 11-23

A team of 17 people headed off to the orphanage in Pishana on 11-23. We appreciate these volunteers for making the four hour trip each month. The kids were excited to see us and there was a great day of activities.
The large group time centered around the discussion of how the Bible was an important book. There were a few games and activities to that demonstrated to the children that the Bible was our guide. We also took time to tell the kids about all the books of the Bible and they each hung about a card with a book written on it on our long string. The kids enjoyed waiting for their turn to hang up their card as we called out the books of the Bible.
During small group time, the kids made bookmarks and had a discussion about the significance of the Bible. Each child was also presented with a children's Bible that had their name written in it. One little boy sat down right away and started going through it page by page.
We ended the day by doing more crafts, playing with playdough or legos, reading books, and playing bingo.
We are excited to see the kids in another month!

The books of the Bible and boys making their bookmarks for their Bibles.

Vladik receiving his Bible and Vitalik making a wish for his Birthday.